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Ceetron contributes to simulation and visualization conference hosted by SPE

Published by Ceetron

Ceetron will participate in the international conference "Mathematical Methods - Fluid Dynamics and Simulation of Giant Oil and Gas Reservoirs". The conference is hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and takes place in Istanbul during September 3-5.

Joint Research Project

Ceetron-employees Magne Sjaastad and Stein Dale will present the paper "Improving visualization of large scale reservoir models". The paper will be presented during the session "Large Scale Data Reduction/Compression, Mining and Visualization" on Tuesday, September 4th. The paper is authored by Stein Dale and Magne Sjaastad of Ceetron as well as Håkon Høgstøl and Alf B. Rustad of Statoil. The article focusses on improving visualization of large scale reservoir models and draws on the solutions and experiences gained during the joint research project "ResInsight".

About the Conference

SPE LogoThe SPE-conference in Istanbul will address a long range of subjects relating to computing, simulation, and visualization of giant oil and gas reservoirs.  SPE conferences are prestigious and we are excited to take part, see presentations from leading players in the field and share own research and experiences.

About ResInsight

Bilde 03ResInsight is an open source project developing a cross-platform 3D visualization application for reservoir models and simulations. The main motivation of the development work is to improve key aspects of the human interaction when working with large scale reservoir models. The paper illustrates a set of visualization techniques that are designed for efficient interpretation of reservoir simulation data. ResInsight is developed to be highly responsive during visualization of large datasets. Powerful and flexible mechanisms are established to allow the user to manipulate and derive additional results. Derived properties can be directly exported to form input to new simulations, thereby reducing the time needed for simulation cycles and parameter studies.

We look forward to contributing to an exciting conference, and invite interested participants to contact us during or after the conference.

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Contact information:

Dr.Ing. Stein Inge Dale,
Technical Director
Ceetron AS
e-mail: stein.inge.dale@ceetron.com