(18.10.2019) Italy is a wonderful country, for gourmands / gourmets, for fashion connaisseurs, and for manufacturing buffs.  Which is why it is an El Dorado for innovative CAE thinking, and which is why Ceetron has been a regular at EnginSoft’s annual International CAE Conference for some years.  This year’s event will take place in Vicenza on October 28-29.  We will of course be there, together with Francisco Palloni from our partner SmartCAE.

This year we will also share booth with DEP (Detroit Engineered Product), a customer of Ceetron.  DEP uses Ceetron Desktop Components for their Meshworks product. If you are considering Ceetron technology, but want to get a first-hand perspective from a real customer using Ceetron technology, DEP representatives will be there!

Key theme at the conference will be “The engineering simulation path to digital transformation.”  There is much talk about digital transformation and industry 4.0, but like most thought leaders in the industry, I have less than complete understanding of what it actually implies for the CAE community.  (Of course, industry 4.0 is typically defined as a bag of technologies, including digital twins/cyber-physical systems, security, IIoT, analytics&big data, AI/ML, cloud, but it is currently unclear how these technologies translate into real engineering value for the CAE community).  I encourage our friends in the CAE community to register for the conference, and contribute to the sharing of perspectives, during the presentations and informally at our booth.

Ceetron’s key themes at the conference will be Ceetron Cloud Private and hybrid desktop/cloud architectures.  An interesting example of the latter is ANSYS cloud, again powered by Ceetron, but my prediction is that one will see hybrid architectures becoming a dominating paradigm in the industry.  We will demonstrate all this stuff in the booth, both SDKs and end user tools.  Dr. Andres Rodriguez-Villa, our expert on hybrid architectures, will be available for technical discussions.


Finally, I am pleased to inform readers of Ceetron’s blog that we have done some internal adjustments in our S&M organization.  Dr. Andres Rodriguez-Villa, office manager of our Sophia Antipolis office, has moved to the position as Head S&M.  I will not be present in Vicenza, but Andres will.  He can be reached at andres.rodriguez-villa@ceetron.com.  Feel free to contact him to set up an appointment in Vicenza.

On my side, I am currently working on digitalization projects in traditional industry, but outside Ceetron.  However, I will continue to contribute to Ceetron’s blog on a regular basis, and will also represent Ceetron in certain contexts, including CADFEM 2019 in Kassel, Germany.

We hope to see you in Vicenza.

Grim Gjønnes, Dr. Ing.
S&M in Ceetron