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Ceetron Cloud Components.

Software development kit providing WebGL-based remote 3D visualization to CAE web applications

Breaking the remote desktop standard with a client-side true web rendering approach, CEETRON Envision for Web (formerly Ceetron Cloud Components – C3) was released in 2015 when WebGL became officially supported by mainstream browsers. The SDK is now securely and cost-effectively serving the most comfortable user experiences in top-tier cloud-based CAE offerings.

C3 is now a part of Tech Soft 3D’s CEETRON Envision offering. Learn more about the full CEETRON suite of CAE SDKs here.

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ceetron cloud components for 3D visualization

C3’s server is built on Desktop Components, our market-hardened desktop SDK

On the client side, WebUI developers use C3 to visualize and interact with remote CAE models

Onboarding C3 avoids a costly reinvention of the wheel

100% developer-friendly

Developers appreciate C3’s lean and modern API, not to mention the huge head start they get when we provide the source code of Cloud Components Demo Analyzer. It’s not hard to understand why they acclaim our support team. We will be there with a smile to give them a leg up before, during and after integration of our code.

Client-side rendering delivers all the benefits at reduced cost

C3’s disruptive choice is to let the client device handle rendering with benefits at all levels: security, user experience and cost. The model to the left is hosted in the Netherlands and your browser is handling all the rendering and interaction.

Remote visualization by the client device is more secure: 1) it removes any logging into a remote desktop and 2) it conveys the minimal amount of data out of your IT security.

What’s more, users can forget about lag and low-resolution displays: C3 provides desktop-like user experiences, wouldn’t you agree ?

And, since C3’s server does not require GPUs, IT managers will cut hardware costs significantly.

Efficient. Robust. Market-driven

Relying on a 20-year-old market-hardened server-side engine and 5 years into cloud-native remote CAE visualization, C3 offers a high level of performance and robustness. Its everyday development is driven by customer requests, a proper way to keep up to date with the market’s needs.

It’s a free world of CAE model sharing for your customers

Beyond boasting market-leading remote visualization, building CAE applications with C3 also opens your users to a wide range of free-to-use, free-to-distribute interactive 3D viewers: desktop, VR, browser-based and MS office plugin. You add instant value to your offering at no extra charge.

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