(22.02.19) When Ceetron Cloud 1.0 was released in October 2015, my colleagues in Ceetron and I believed it would be an immediate commercial hit in the market.  It never became the mass-market Dropbox-like offering for CAE we architected it to be, primarily due to lack of market maturity for cloud-based CAE back in 2015.  However, we had 100s of users on the offering and quite a few major ISVs in CAE launched experimental or semi-commercial offerings based on private cloud versions of same.  Notable examples include Transvalor, DNV GL, and Migris.

Earlier this week, and more than three years later, my colleagues in development released Ceetron Cloud 2.0.  Same brilliant idea as Ceetron Cloud 1.0, but new underlying technology (MS Azure, Ceetron Cloud Components), new visual design (with help from our agency in Nice), better integration between Analyzer Cloud and the app, support for save from Analyzer to update shared models, and new help page with a cool interactive embedding generator (and doc).

Ceetron Cloud is available as basic subscription free of charge, with 2 GB storage, just viewing, and just VTFx.  This is primarily intended for evaluation, the occasional project-specific use by a CAE professional or the academic community.  To sign up, just go to https://cloud.ceetron.com/home.  It is also available as premium subscription, with 20 GB storage, Ceetron Analyzer Cloud (and Analyzer Desktop as en extra), embedded models, all supported CAE file formats, and collaboration.  To purchase, go to https://ceetron.wpengine.com/product/ceetron-cloud-premium/.

Ceetron Cloud can be delivered as public cloud, but also as private cloud.  We have seen that the latter is the preferred solution for most major manufacturing companies, due to security concerns (and wanting to use own authentication and security stack, plus cloud infrastructure) and need for integration with internal workflows.  Ceetron Cloud Private works on most public cloud infrastructures, including AWS, SAP Hana Cloud and Azure. For private cloud we recommend deployment as Docker container, though this is not a prerequisite (but non-Docker deployment requires some extra technical work).

If you want to discuss with our key technical people, please contact me at grim.gjonnes@ceetron.com.  I am happy to set up a web conference.