(23.12.2019) Norway takes pride in its trolls. They even name companies after them – who doesn’t remember good old Trolltech and its first Qt releases. Not to mention the Pinnochio-faced figurines you will find in any souvenir shop of the country.

Everyone equates Norway to Troll-land (and salmon-land and winter olympics-land), but when it comes to the whereabouts of Santa, things become a bit more disputed. There are more than a few contenders around the North Pole. Here at Ceetron, we have decided to take part in the age-long conflict that opposes all Nordic countries.

And the best way to strongly hint that the most popular beard in the world is Norsk (ask our colleague Frode about beards – private joke), is to bring along some Xmas presents from our development office in Tønsberg.

While everyone is out shopping with the crowds for food and last minute presents (or desperately trying to find a replacement on Amazon that does not take 6 weeks to ship from China), we have gone the extra mile to release not one but two new versions of your favorite CAE visualization products: Analyzer Desktop 1.3 , the new generation post-processor for end users and Ceetron Cloud Components 3.0.0 , the definitive SDK for web developers.

First, Analyzer gets a full set of new and valuable features in its desktop version (it also has a cloud sibling). To get you up and running in no time, we have recorded a series of tutorials on YouTube, offering links to them within the application – no excuse for not knowing now. Furthermore, the application is now available also on Linux (Ubuntu 16) and Mac OS – no excuse for not trying now.

In terms of features, I would like to point out the support of “Situations”. A novel concept meaning “all that is needed to generate a display model when applied on a given CAE model”. That’s a hard sentence to integrate, but once it has sunk in, you realize all the potential. First, you can save your preferred post-processing configurations (think 3 cutting planes and an animation while displaying fringes and vectors) in order to easily browse from one to the other, recover them from one session to another or share them with your colleagues. Talk about efficient post-processing ! Next, if you combine situations with some good old Python scripting, you have the ultimate tool to automate your simulation analysis : use Analyzer to interactively predefine what you want to see once the solver has produced results, and insert the situation files in the Python-driven workflow. Ta-daah… the solver runs, produces results and Ceetron Desktop Components Python generates your 3D post-processing models on the fly. You can use  these models in any of the supporting technologies: as a plugin in Powerpoint or Word, view them for free with Ceetron 3D Viewer, share them in the cloud on Ceetron Cloud (Private) or on your own custom designed portal (built with Ceetron Cloud Components), or…. It’s all quite clear : thank you Santa !

Of course, Analyzer Desktop 1.3 is not all about situations and it also comes with a full set of new functionalities and improvements. From video export, to automatic rotation point setting in the view, to contour line representation for scalars, to Unicode support for JCK languages, and so on, … There has been a lot of hard (and good !) work put into making the product better and closer to end-user needs.

And just as you thought that was all, Ceetron’s second Xmas present nails it. Santa is definitely Norwegian. We are parallel-releasing (!!) version 3.0.0 of the leading CAE cloud-visualization SDK : Ceetron Cloud Components.

Our cloud developers have put a lot of effort in various optimizations – the most impressive being the ray intersection implementation on the client side… 5x to 10x speed-ups have been recorded. We have added features to the view configuration, added extended support for custom readers (data providers), introduced unique string result identifiers for improved persistence of your own code, added mass particle traces (very cool stuff) and support for multiple vector result display… Phew, and that’s only for the client side.

On the server side, the big new thing – pushing our version number to a new major 3.0 – is the introduction of node.js N-API which makes C3 independent of the node.js version. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a breakthrough in terms of 1) installation flexibility and 2) ease of access to Electron-based development. Be our guests… Oh, and yes, there is also new parallel VTU reader there, support for element-surface results from most CAE formats and, I must admit it, some bug fixes.

Find out more by downloading trial versions of Analyzer Desktop or Cloud Components on our website. Or simply drop me an email if you have any questions, or – better – would like to discuss where Santa comes from.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas to you all, yo-ho-ho…


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer