Oil and Gas.

CAE software for oil and gas

Geology, geophysics, migration modeling, FEA, CFD; it all comes together in the global oil and gas industry.

Ceetron grew up conducting projects for companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. It is one of the harshest areas in which to extract oil. It is also recognized as a global breeding ground for advanced technology, including applications of large-scale FEA and CFD. We believe we learned something about temporal and spatial scales in this industry, and the need to navigate in massive data structures and physical structures.

We also learned something about the business value of facilitating collaboration in multi-disciplinary engineering teams based around the globe: Stavanger, Aberdeen, Houston, and Rio. VTFx is Ceetron’s industry solution for sharing and collaborating on 3D simulation date in such teams.

. Migris; Migri hydrocarbon migration simulator .DNV GL

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