(11.03.21) Sophia Antipolis, France

Ceetron is like a beehive… everyone is busy accomplishing one precise task that will benefit the entire community and more generally, those who collect the honey – you !

As some of us are working hard to integrate our products and processes to the wide Tech Soft 3D world, others are working even harder to maintain our high-rate release plan. Kudos to all developers involved for this and for the – once again – simultaneous release of all our product suite.

Desktop Components 3.4.0

Cloud Components 3.7.0

Analyzer 1.6.0

3D Plugin 1.5.0

Viewer 1.5.0

Python Modules 3.4.0

Visit our SDK download page or our end-user download page to get your hands on these latest and greatest versions. Release notes are accessible here, summing up the massive effort to provide new features and crunch a few yummy bugs (eh, no bees of course) along the way.

We wish our friend developers and users safe and happy coding and engineering with these new versions of their favorite SDKs and applications.

As always, contact us for feedback be it negative or more certainly positive and inspiring new functionality.

Take care, the end of the tunnel is near… or so we all hope.