(07.05.2020) Antibes, France

There is of course a lot to say about the sharp turn our lives have taken over the past months. Some “very, very terrible” things have happened, and even if our leaders claim they are doing “a very, very good job” in spite of the “very, very mean media”, some of us have the feeling things just might go down the drain this time.

Well, there may be a few things to consider before indulging in deliberate pessimism.

The good news is that man kind is probably the most adaptable animal on Earth. It’s just hard to get rid of us, because we have brains, we have technology and we have ideas. We have survived plagues, wars, junk food, pollution, a myriad of economic crisis and fake politicians: despite all this, the species is still thriving.

If you aren’t convinced of human agility, consider the overnight shift: from working on premises one day, most of the CAE community (and other trades) has spread out its valuable human resources to smaller and very distributed locations : our cozy home offices have been the standard for weeks. And, guess what, we’re all doing a “very, very good job” ourselves: congrats to all !

At Ceetron, distributed resources is in our DNA : our small team usually works from three locations – two in Norway, one in France. So, expanding to eight locations came very naturally. We were however anxious to see how the toxic times we are facing would influence our efficiency and the quality of our work.

I am relieved to say that home-made Ceetron Cloud Components (a.k.a. C3) are even better than usual. Maybe it’s because of the extra motivation to respond to more and more professionals who are (only) now understanding the value of remote working – and remote engineering cannot be achieved without the right technology : remote desktops or remote disks just don’t do a “very, very good job”.

For our visionary customers who use our cloud stuff, we have compiled a number of new features to make the platform even more prolific and easy to use. Here are some highlights of what’s new.

Ceetron Cloud Components 3.2.0

  • Walk to cursor : you could zoom to cursor, now walk to it with your mouse wheel
  • Reader options : add “pick and choose” capacity to your reader behavior
  • Easier authentication integration, it has become a piece of cake
  • Support for visibility results : eroded elements such as those found in LS-Dyna for example are now handled in an elegant way
  • More info on the simulation run is now accessible through the SimulationInfo metadata
  • You can add labels on your model with images now – very cool applications in sight
  • Breaking upgrade for openFOAM users : a brand new reader for the open source CFD platform has come out of our office in Nice, France. “Very, very outstanding” performance gains when loading the model and updating result !

Enjoy the code, take care and stay safe.

Andres, CSMO