Mariana Project.

(Trondheim, Norway)

Mariana was an EU-funded R&D project consortium with participants from the software industry (Ceetron, Norway), the MedTech industry (Deam, The Netherlands; Smart Electronics, Ireland), and universities & research organizations (SINTEF, Norway; University College Cork, Ireland; Delft University of Tehcnology, The Netherlands). The project aimed to create the most advanced image-guided flexible catheter platform on the market with immediate application to diagnosis and treatment of intraluminal disease such as lung cancer. The project combined high-precision electromagnetic tip tracking with novel instrument control and navigation. Total budget was Euro 2.1m, split over 36 months.

The Mariana application was submitted to the Eurostars program in June 2017. It was ranked as #1 project proposal of 363 eligible Eurostars applications. Ceetron took the role of lead partner on the project.

Business benefits of Ceetron participation for Mariana project


” I think we will see significant diffusion of technology from the field of CAE (FEA, CFD, and FSI) to the medical field. My research interests are related to the use of advanced visualization technology in medicine, segmented models from medical images such as CT, MR, PET and ultrasound, and time-varying data (ultrasound combined with tracking technology); key challenges in the medical field as well as in CAE. 

Håkon Olav Leira, Head of Lung Cancer Section, Associate Professor, St. Olavs Hospital (NTNU)