CAE analysis and visualization software components

Norway has long and proud traditions in the maritime industry, going back to the mid 19th century.

Norway is also home to DNV, one of the world’s largest ship classification societies, with more than 400 offices in more than 100 countries, and around 16,000 employees. It is then no surprise that Ceetron, being HQed in Norway, is a proud vendor to the global maritime industry, and to DNV specifically. Our customers can be found in all parts of the value chain, from the CAE tool provider, to the provider of engineering consulting services, to the yards.

The industry has some specific challenges and requirements that we have endeavored to address in our software component offerings: complex load cases (think vessel in high sea states), large and complex mechanical structures, significant structure-fluid interaction, thorough codification of what is considered acceptable technical practices (for example in the V&V area), and large engineering teams.

. DNV : SESAM Xtract for marine hydrodynamics .SINTEF

To build complete CAE applications
for the maritime industry :

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