Wolf Star Technologies.

(Wisconsin, US)

Wolf Star Technologies provides software for load reconstruction using the well-established principle known as influence coefficients. The software uses strain measurements and a correlation matrix extracted from a FEA model to reconstruct operating loads on structures. The software automatically optimizes the strain gauge placement and pre-conditions unit load cases supplied by the FEA analyst. Wolf Star works with software offerings from a number of major CAE providers, including ANSYS, Dassault Systèmes, and MSC Software. For more about Wolf Star, see https://www.wolfstartech.com/.

When Tim Hunter, Ph.D. and President of Wolfstar Technologies in 2016 wanted to lift the UX and introduce high-performance 3D visualization capabilities of his Python-based True-Load software, he chose Ceetron Desktop Components. He also chose to source development services from Ceetron’s Sophia Antipolis office, as his internal development department consisted of one person, himself, being mechanical engineer by training and having limited experience with compiled languages. Today, Wolf Star has around 40 True-Load customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and partnerships with major CAE providers

Business benefits of sourcing 3D visualization software and services from Ceetron for Wolf Star


” The work Andres [Rodriguez-Villa from Ceetron’s Sophia Antipolis office] has been doing for me has been fantastic. His skills and guidance have greatly improved my software. I have gotten much more than a visualization API with Ceetron – I have gotten a true partner. Thanks for your team’s support and efforts. 

Tim Hunter Ph.D. and President of , Wolf Star Technologies