Material Forming.

3D visualization solutions for material forming

Let us talk casting: the casting community needs to understand physical phenomena at a global scale in combination with the micro-scale processes. In multi-physics simulations such as thermo-mechanical foundry, simulating complex interactions including cooling, shrinking metal, interaction with molds, and other elements of the casting process are challenging, not only from a simulation perspective, but also in terms of visualization.

Effective post-processing techniques are essential, making it possible for engineers and process designers to look through the opaque mold, gain insights, locate possible defects or air bubbles, identify particle streamlines, improve and optimize casting processes before production.

But with hundreds or thousands of time steps and complex physics come big result databases, sometimes with hundreds of GB, and creating a high-performance, high visual quality, fully featured post-processor for such an application is a non-trivial endeavor.

For 20 years Ceetron has created 3D visualization tools for engineering applications. Our visualization technology is today integrated with a number of major CAE software packages.  Our customers include Transvalor (material forming), Autodesk (CFD), Dassault Systèmes (structural optimization) and DNV GL (modelling of marine structures). All of these editors are using Ceetron Desktop Components to build their graphical user interfaces. By doing so, they not only choose the industry standard in visualization but also provide their customers the benefits of the VTFx file format: from our freely distributed Ceetron 3D Viewer to model sharing in the Cloud with Ceetron Cloud or Ceetron Cloud Private, a wide range of additional services becomes instantly reachable.

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