CFD Simulations .

Interfacing CFD applications with Ceetron’s visualization toolkits

Predicting fluid flow has been an ongoing challenge for scientists, mathematicians and engineers for decades. Today’s increased computational power opens the way to efficiently simulate ever more complex flows of ever more complex fluids. But understanding these flows is not only about modelling, solving equations or high-performance computing, it is also a matter of using high-tech analysis tools to visualize them to get the most out of the simulation results.

Tools for remote CFD web applications (and for desktop too)

Ceetron’s web-based technology, available within Ceetron Cloud Components, allows engineers to interact remotely with full CFD result databases, extract meaningful data such as particle traces and animations, and share these analysis models within a browser.

Applications built with Ceetron Cloud Components are true web applications rendered on the client device with WebGL, not desktop applications running remotely on a server.

As exemplified by the model on the left, this innovative approach provides the most comfortable user experiences while enhancing security and reducing server costs (as these do not require GPUs).

Of course, on top of providing technology for browser-based applications, Ceetron also delivers a toolkit for classical desktop software development : Ceetron Desktop Components

Finite Element Analysis and CFD together

For decades, CFD and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used to be secluded fields, both communities working in a world of their own – but that time is now behind us: coupled analysis and multi-physics problems are yielding more insight together.
The modern and flexible design of Ceetron’s Components address this new paradigm by offering the possibility to combine seamlessly different types of models in one high quality display.

To build CFD applications

For desktop : download CDC, 30-day trial
For Web : download C3, 30-day trial

CFD applications of Ceetron Desktop Components

Autodesk CFD
Building a post-processor for Autodesk Simulation CFD

See how Autodesk used Ceetron Desktop Components to offer functionality for interpretation of CFD results such as cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes and particle traces – and much more.