MRO and digital twins.

3D visualization software for the MRO and digital twins industry

10 years ago, MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) and asset management had little in common with the number-crunching of the Ph.D. level simulation engineer doing design-phase FEA or CFD in their offices.

Not anymore.  Example #1: digital twins, in which a physical object has a continuous digital representation and is simulated using physics-based models.  Example #2: structural analysis of replacement parts for 3D printing.  Example #3: Physical inspection using AR gear with simulation results overlaid on the physical reality.

Ceetron has 20 years of experience in 3D visualization for CFD and FEA.  We have also developed a stable VR offering for the CAE community.  We are now seeing intense interest from industry and major ISVs in leveraging the expertise in MRO and asset management.

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