Ceetron Components’ flexibility is built for multiphysics

Ceetron’s 3D visualization SDKs offer more realistic 3D visualizations : multi-physics is a tougher beast, because of the richness of the data. Insiders have seen it coming for some time… multi-physics simulations are here!

Increasing the accuracy of CAE simulations is all about replacing simplifying assumptions by more physics. Major milestones on the long road to realistic calculations include the leap from pen-and-paper analytical resolutions to numerical computations of non-analytical equations, or the step forward taken when approximate 2D models started to see more accurate 3D models take their place.

A new major stage in this evolving process is being achieved: computation power is now sufficient to enable the coupled calculation of multiple physical models. For example, when complex chemical kinetics are computed in order to feed the CFD simulation of a motor explosion or when the effect of microscopic scale phase transitions on material behavior is taken into account in material forming processes.

Whether the coupling of the models is strong or weak, the common point among these state-of-the-art simulations is that they combine different physical models, which may be solved through different numerical techniques and/or geometry discretizations. A finite element mesh may be used to evaluate the deformation of a structure under the effect of a compressible flow, itself being simultaneously modelled using the finite volume method. Combining these different approaches is of course a challenge for numerical experts across the world. And it is also a challenge for visualization platforms.

Let’s face it. Most well-established toolkits were designed for standard single-physics models and have a hard time coping with the new paradigm. Ceetron’s platform is fresh out of the oven and its architecture has been thought out to take into account today’s CAE reality.

Ceetron Desktop Components and Cloud Components are ideal toolkits for building applications to visualize multi-physics simulations: the system has in its DNA a built-in support for combining different discretizations into one single view. And, if your favorite CAE application is built with Ceetron Components, you will benefit from this flexibility, and it comes with Python bindings allowing for seamless automation of your workflows. So many different ways of improving efficiency, viewing complex models and sharing them instantly.

To build complete multi-physics CAE applications :

For desktop : download CDC, 30-day trial
For Web : download C3, 30-day trial