(17.01.2019) Ceetron Analyzer Desktop was released on Windows around four months ago. It has delivered on our commitment to the CAE community to produce a post-processor for CAE with i) true cross-solver capabilities; ii) cross-discipline capabilities; iii) cross-platform, across desktop and web; iv) Python scripting; v) performance; vi) a price point that would facilitate licensing across simulation departments, not on an individual level; and vii) cloud-based storing, viewing, sharing, and collaboration.

However, some of our friends in the CAE community have commented on the fact that we have not had Analyzer for Mac and Linux. We support diversity and I am glad to confirm that my colleagues in Ceetron’s development department today released Ceetron Analyzer for Mac and Linux. (Just go to your download area to download, same license key as for the Windows version.)

OS requirements for the Linux version are: Linux Requirements: Ubuntu 14.04 or newer or RedHat/Centos 7 or newer, Python 3.6.

Alongside the release of the Mac and Linux versions, we have also updated the Windows Version with a set of new features, as version 1.2. Most important is support for eroded elements in Abaqus and LS-Dyna in addition to a few important bug fixes to increase stability and performance.

If you want to request a free trial or a commercial version of the software, visit our webshop. Analyzer is also available with 90% discount for participants in our academic program. Feel free to contact us at info@ceetron.com for any questions that you may have.