Component-Based development for CAE with Tech Soft 3D’s toolkits

As markets mature and players consolidate into larger entities, the way that products are built transitions from a more integrated approach – “let’s do it all” – to something more targeted – “let’s focus on our core added value”. This is particularly visible in large manufacturing industries such as automotive or aeronautics, where the [...]

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Remote CAE Visual Workflows: sharing and collaborating more for less

As we take our breath seeing a second wave cover the planet, the opportunities to engage in meaningful changes are popping up everywhere. In a previous blog, I discussed the benefits of telecommuting and introduced the idea that technology is the key element to its success. In the CAE space, this translates into offering [...]

The next normal for remote CAE visualization: WebGL is the key.

Lessons from a crisis: telecommuting has a bright future, if.. “New normal” might on the long run become a worthy candidate to “Buzzword of the Year”. After months of heavily disrupted “normal” life, populations, states, and economic actors are slowly getting back on their feet and wondering what is next. Social and professional activities [...]

Ceetron Roadmap 2020 : it’s all a matter of good taste

(09.03.2020) Sophia Antipolis, France Those of you who follow us on social networks know that a few weeks ago, all of Ceetron gathered in Copenhagen for our 2020 strategy kick-off meeting. We strongly believe that putting all our brains on the table together is the right way to review where we stand and set [...]

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