(08.09.2018) I am pleased to inform our readers that my colleagues in development today released Ceetron Cloud 2.0, a Dropbox-like repository for CAE models.  See picture to the left of a proud team.  With Ceetron Cloud you can store and access your CAE models from the cloud, securely.  You can also view them using any standard browser, no plug-ins or add-ons, with desktop-like performance.  And, you can share your models by sharing URLs.

This sounds like old Ceetron Cloud, and yes, Ceetron Cloud 2.0 builds on Ceetron Cloud 1.x.  However, make no mistake, Ceetron Cloud 2.0 has been through a major revamp: new platform (MS Azure rather than AWS), new security architecture, next generation cloud technology, increased scalability, and added value functionality for premium subscription level.  This version features also a new portal with a new UI, as well as a brand new high-performance viewer.

Ceetron Cloud can also be deployed as skinned public cloud or as private cloud, on virtually any major cloud infrastructure, including MS Azure, AWS, SAP Hana Cloud, and Google Cloud.

For more information about Ceetron Cloud, see https://ceetron.wpengine.com/ceetron-cloud/.

Conceptually, pricing is as before, with a free subscription level and a premium subscription level (Euro 149 per month).  What is new is that Ceetron Cloud 2.0 premium comes not only with a VTFx viewer, but with a high-performance, cross-solver full-featured post-processor Ceetron Analyzer Cloud.  Analyzer Cloud is the sibling of our next generation post-processor Analyzer Desktop, with essentially same feature set.  For more info about Analyzer Cloud,

see https://ceetron.wpengine.com/ceetron-analyzer-cloud/

Some practical info to current Ceetron Cloud users: 1) Current Ceetron Cloud subscribers will be automatically moved to Ceetron Cloud 2.0, at same subscription level as before.  They will shortly receive an email with info on how to login into the new Ceetron Cloud. 2) Current Ceetron Cloud premium subscribers will be converted new premium subscribers, but will keep their existing subscription fee level until the end of their subscription period.  3) For a time-limited period, all subscribers, whatever subscription level, will get full access to the complete feature set of Ceetron Cloud, including the premium ones.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want an in-depth discussion of how Ceetron Cloud can generate business value in your organization, whether you are a small engineering advisory firm wanting to share specialized CAE models with your clients or a large automotive firm in need of a platform for sharing models across extended value and supply chains, organizational boundaries, and disciplines.  By the way, we do enterprise licensing of Ceetron Cloud.

Head of S&M in Ceetron