(01.10.20) Sophia Antipolis, France

Baseball postseason, the NBA final and the French tennis open at Roland Garros are all under way in an unprecedented collision of sporting events. Fans will get their share of double plays and maybe a double steal, but no double-headers; we should see some double-doubles and triple-doubles cannot be overruled; and undoubtedly, double faults will flourish in the men’s and women’s doubles tournements. Double, double, double… the word is all over the place.

“Double” appears quite naturally in expressions in and out of sport. With the rate at which we, at Ceetron, are consistently producing synchronous releases of both Ceetron Desktop and Cloud Components, “double release” may soon become as popular as “double cheeseburger”.

So, here we go again: I am excited to announce the release of Ceetron Desktop Components 3.2.0 and Ceetron Cloud Components 3.5.0. The distributions are now downloadable from our dedicated page.

Our desktop-fanatic developers will be happy to find these new features:

  • Scalar results can now be displayed per part, e.g. temperature on one and pressure on another
  • Support for crinkle cut display of cutting planes
  • View clipping has been optimized and can now be ignored for specific models
  • Support for roll navigation – rotation around the view direction
  • Abaqus 2020 is now read by Ceetron Import
  • New metadata about the simulation that produced the result database
  • Native state names are now picked up by Ceetron Import
  • Optimized min/max fetching

And our mile-high cloud developers will appreciate:

  • Scalar results can now be displayed per part, e.g. temperature on one and pressure on another
  • Element sets are now available in RemoteModel
  • New query to compute the result value at a given set of coordinates
  • Image annotation can now hide their attachment point
  • Global min and max results over all states can be queried
  • CeeCloudServer can run two demo models without a license (“double demo !”)

For more detailed info on both releases:

Enjoy the code and take care,