Release: Ceetron Desktop Components (aka 3D Components) 3.0 is out

(17.09.2019) Finally.  Ceetron Desktop Components 3.0 was released last night. Desktop Components is on one hand a renaming of Ceetron 3D Components, on the other hand a strong message to the market that Ceetrons continues to support the two major architectural paradigms in CAE, desktop-based and cloud-based, with equal emphasis.  Plus, we support anything [...]

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Invitation: Meet us at CADFEM 2019 in Kassel, Germany on October 16-17

(12.09.2019) This year's CADFEM ANSYS conference will take place in the Kongresspalais in Kassel, Germany on October 16-17.  We will of course be there and we invite current and prospective customers (and anyone with a serious interest in 3D visualization for CAE) to visit our booth.  We will be represented by my colleagues Dr. [...]

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Release: Ceetron Cloud Components 2.12.0 is out

(22.07.19) Improved result calculators support and now out of preview and a supported feature. Bulk calculation of parts and cutting planes, with region support. Improved element query support. Plus updated file readers and added support for ANSYS 2019R2. These are some of the new features in Cloud Components 2.12.0, released earlier today. For full release notes, see [...]

Back from NAFEMS World Congress 2019 in Quebec: What did we learn?

(21.06.19) "Vive le Québec libre!"  Such were President Charles de Gaulle's famous words on July 24, 1967. They are reminders of a time when independence for Quebec was on the mainstream political agenda. In the end, the Quebecois and the rest of the Canadian political system found a different solution, in the form of [...]

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Insight: Trip report from MS mixed reality dev days in Redmond on May 2-3, and reflections on the usefulness of HoloLens in CAE

(08.05.19) My colleague Frode Brandt just came back from Redmond after having attended Microsoft mixed reality dev days on May 2-3.  He was brimming with enthusiasm for the device, being Ceetron's key guy in the areas virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.  The same enthusiasm for HoloLens has been repeatedly expressed by some [...]

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Insight: Ceetron roadmap 2019-2020

(20.03.2019) - Some of our customers, evaluators, and readers have asked about Ceetron's roadmap in various areas.  We did not have a tradition for publishing such info (though Ceetron has always had highly roadmap-centric planning processes).  However, Fredrik Viken, our CTO (on the left), and I have decided to give our readers a peek [...]

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New and improved: Ceetron Cloud 2.0

(22.02.19) When Ceetron Cloud 1.0 was released in October 2015, my colleagues in Ceetron and I believed it would be an immediate commercial hit in the market.  It never became the mass-market Dropbox-like offering for CAE we architected it to be, primarily due to lack of market maturity for cloud-based CAE back in 2015.  However, [...]

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Release: Ceetron Cloud Components 2.8.0 is shipping

(04.02.2019) Ceetron released today Ceetron Cloud Components 2.8.0.  The release contains a number of fixes and improvements, including: optimization of streaming and server processing; custom color scheme for scalar result mapping; support for eroded/deleted elements (LS-DYNA/ABAQUS); capturing of mouse movements in canvas viewer; and setting of color of cutting planes. To download the distribution, go to (requires [...]

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New product: Analyzer Desktop for Mac and Linux

(17.01.2019) Ceetron Analyzer Desktop was released on Windows around four months ago. It has delivered on our commitment to the CAE community to produce a post-processor for CAE with i) true cross-solver capabilities; ii) cross-discipline capabilities; iii) cross-platform, across desktop and web; iv) Python scripting; v) performance; vi) a price point that would facilitate licensing [...]

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Release: GLview Inova 10.2.2 is out

(17.01.2019) GLview Inova was just released.  The release contains a number of fixes and improvements, including: updated file readers (ANSYS 18.0, MSC.Marc 2017, MSC.Nastran 2016, ABAQUS 2018); improved handling of complex results from NASTRAN; side-by-side stereo support; and additional extrapolation schemes for MSC.Marc files. In addition, it is now ensured that Animation/Clear Animation leaves only one state in the [...]

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