(21.10.19) Moving forward: that’s the only direction Ceetron Cloud Components (C3) is going, inspired by the needs of our growing number of cloud-based customers. This release includes a number of optimizations and bug fixes. I would like to highlight that we record a speed-up of 2 to 5 on display model generation when applying results or switching draw styles (how about that? Well done, dev team!). Furthermore, C3 2.14.0 has reduced the computation time of isosurfaces, isovolumes and cutting planes. These are just the flagship improvements of this version. For a detailed list of bug fixes and features that we have brewed in it to satisfy our customer base, please check the full release notes.

The share of cloud-based solutions in the CAE market is growing faster at every release, and we are happy to say that being one of the forerunners in terms of cloud visualization is now helping us keep up with the pace of change. What we are experiencing is that the deployment of this technology is not a “one-solution-fits-all”. Our offerings are more often than not knitted together and customized to integrate existing software solutions and IT infrastructures. Having all the bits and pieces helps. We know.

Do not hesitate to contact me at andres.rodriguez-villa@ceetron.com if you want to discuss in more detail how Ceetron’s cloud-based visualization technology can fit in your software and IT frameworks, and benefit your business

As always, my colleagues and I encourage current and prospective Cloud Components customers to develop using the latest versions of our SDKs. To download 2.14.0, simply follow this link… Enjoy.


Chief Sales & Marketing Officer