(18.12.20) Sophia Antipolis, France

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Ceetron’s development team takes on the challenge of an unprecedented synchronized release of … FIVE products !

For the last time of this “unforgettable” 2020, I am quite amazed to announce the release of Ceetron Desktop Components 3.3.0, Ceetron Cloud Components 3.6.0, Ceetron Analyzer Desktop 1.5.0, Ceetron 3D Plugin 1.4.0 and finally, Ceetron 3D Viewer 1.4.0

All the distributions are now downloadable from our dedicated SDK page or end-user application page

And if you have a feeling that oil and water don’t mix, that end-users and developers live on different planets, maybe it’s time to check out Visual Workflows to see how all Ceetron’s software blocks can build efficient workflows for all engineering applications, with or without development.

Ceetron’s optimization maniacs and bug-squashing addicts have put all their talent into making our software more versatile and robust than ever. Take a look at these documents to find out all about the new features in our best-in-class SDKs: the cool new stuff that empowers your everyday work,  and the “less impressive features” you will not run into anymore:

  • Desktop Components 3.3.0 release notes and bug fixes
  • Cloud Components 3.6.0 release notes and bug fixes
  • Analyzer Desktop 1.5.0 – our workhorse post-processing unit – is delivered with major new features, wouldn’t you agree ?
    • Multi view/model support. A dockable Views panel has been added for multi-view management.  And it support drag and drop !
    • Support for encrypted VTFx files
    • Roll navigation: simply press Shift while rotating to use it
    • Feature tree enhancements – model and view main nodes
    • Unification of context menu and properties.
  • Ceetron 3D Plugin 1.4.0 and Ceetron 3D Viewer 1.4.0
    • Both free viewers benefit from the new Desktop Components features
    • Optimizations and further stability fixes

On behalf of Ceetron, have a pleasant and peaceful end of year with – or unfortunately without – your loved ones.

Merry Xmas !