(16.07.2020) Sophia Antipolis, France

Ceetron Cloud Components (aka C3) 3.4.0 is up for grabs. Our TypeScript construction workers never stop, adding CAE cloud-based visualization features day after day after day… I need to have a word with them, my blogging capacity can’t keep up the pace 😊

If you are just dropping by, take a look at C3 in action – 100% WebGL examples, documentations, links to Docker containers. You can also get a trial version from our Web shop – no worries, it’s free for one month.

Here are the new features, enjoy.

Ceetron Cloud Components 3.4.0

  • Particle trace computation enhancements to handle behavior at walls
  • Advanced remote queries allowing to get data on visible nodes & elements
  • New example, using Vue as UI toolkit
  • Support for drawing arrows in MarkupModel
  • Result and frame metadata now includes min/max information for scalars
  • You can now create crinkle cut cutting planes – intersected elements are shown with all their faces instead of the plane itself.

Take care and stay safe,

Andres, CSMO