(20.03.2019) – Some of our customers, evaluators, and readers have asked about Ceetron’s roadmap in various areas.  We did not have a tradition for publishing such info (though Ceetron has always had highly roadmap-centric planning processes).  However, Fredrik Viken, our CTO (on the left), and I have decided to give our readers a peek into our roadmap, with a focus on 2019 and 2020.

The following roadmap is based on the outcome of an internal strategy workshop conducted in March 2019. This one is fresh from the oven! However, let’s keep in mind that a roadmap for a company like Ceetron is not written in stone. Indeed, we find ourselves in a continuous inflow of requests from major customers and operating in an ever changing technology landscape.  Therefore, expect changes, not because we will do less, but because we may adjust timings / do other things.

Anyway, here is the high-level roadmap:

Proven ability to deliver

Could / should Ceetron customers trust our ability to deliver on such roadmap?  Yes. I did the math, and in the 6-month time period, from early September 2018 to early March 2019, we conducted 7 SDK releases, 2 Ceetron Cloud upgrades, 4 end user tool releases, and 2 other releases.  Included in these numbers are 3 new products (Data provider Framework, Ceetron Analyzer, H3D reader).  I did not mention very minor releases, and the list is actually based on published release notices on Ceetron blog (so you can check for yourself).  I can proudly say that Ceetron has demonstrated pretty good roadmap performances historically. Moreover, as we are currently in the market for exceptional dev talent in France and Norway, expect us to further ramp up development capacity.

The CAE community’s reporting challenge

I also had a chat with Tor Helge Hansen, CEO, about our road map.  He has, of course, been deeply involved in the development of the roadmap, and here are his comments: “We have a solid and aggressive roadmap that will allow us and our customers to pursue major business opportunities in key areas like medtech, design-phase simulation, augmented reality, cloud, MRO, and digital twins / IoT.  We have also a proven track record delivering on our roadmap commitments to the market.  There is one area that we haven’t yet cracked, and I think the CAE industry hasn’t cracked, that of reporting in CAE.  I invite representatives for major manufacturing organizations to contact me personally, so that we can jointly take a serious stab at reporting in the era of manufacturing 4.0.”

If you want to know more about our roadmap, or if you are missing key functionalities in our roadmap, let us set up a WebEx with Fredrik or Tor Helge. I can be reached at grim.gjonnes@ceetron.com.

Head of S&M in Ceetron