(23.10.2018) Ceetron has always been deeply connected to the academic community, thought our roots (we were originally a spin-off from SINTEF, the research organization), through joint R&D projects with leading European universities and research organizations, and through the sheer fact that hundreds or thousands of students at various levels in all parts of the world every year use eval versions of our software for project work, thesis work, or scientific research.

We have decided to formalize our commitment to support students and academic staff at qualified academic institutions through the establishment of an academic program.  Staff and students at participating institutions will get our commercial 3D visualization end user products with 90% discount for non-commercial use, our corporate products (including Ceetron Cloud Private) for heavily discounted prices.  (NOTE: Some commercial readers not included.)

The program is targeted at mechanical engineering and applied math departments, but may also be of relevance for computer science departments.

The program covers all our products, but based on experience we believe that the following products are most relevant: Ceetron Analyzer Desktop (full-featured, high-performance, cross-solver post-processor), Ceetron Cloud Premium (sharing portal for many solver formats, including VTK), Ceetron Cloud Private (private version of same), and Ceetron 3D Office Plugin (for embedding and manipulating a 3D model from within Word or Powerpoint).  Output: Sharper CAE insight, optimized designs, and probably better GPA.  Because you or your students have worked with the best 3D visualization tools available in the CAE industry.

Here is how it works: Whether a professor, student, or university administrator, go to https://ceetron.wpengine.com/academic-program/ and fill in the contact form.  We will then do a brief check of compliance with the intention of this program, and give you a promocode with 90% discount for end user tools, relevant discount for corporate products.  This promo code can be used to purchase most Ceetron software products in our web shop.  Feel free to distribute the code to your class, your fellow students, or co-researchers.  In case we detect license violations, we will immediately invalidate the promo code.

To some extent the program is trust-based, on the other hand we will go aggressively after commercial license violators.  (The occasional misuse by a student will not result in anything worse than a invalidated promo code for the student herself, her department, or her university.  But we encourage participants to stay on the safe side.)