(02.05.19) For many university professors, May is the perfect time of the year for preparing the curriculum for autumn term.  As input to your thinking, I am taking the liberty to share with you some information regarding changes to / new products in Ceetron’s academic program:

  • Python scripting in Analyzer: Using this capability, a student can create his own extensions to Ceetron Analyzer Desktop.  Read solver output files, do calculations, visualize results, everything in Python.  For more info about Ceetron Analyzer Desktop, see https://ceetron.wpengine.com/ceetron-analyzer-desktop/.
  • Data Provider Framework: This product allows for the linking of any CAE data feed (say a reader for file output from a homebrew solver or a real time feed or a multi-source feed) with Ceetron 3D Components or Ceetron Cloud.  For more info, see https://ceetron.wpengine.com/data-provider-framework/.  Brilliant, whether a small term project for your fourth-year students, or a large multi-year research project.
  • Free file readers for open source file formats: My colleague Andres is in the process of creating free file readers for widely used open source file formats.  OpenFOAM is first one out, with release in May, but we expect to over time include in this reader package also VTK/VTU/VTM, and VTFx.
  • Ceetron Cloud Private: We are seeing interest from universities in installing Ceetron Cloud Private, see https://ceetron.wpengine.com/ceetron-cloud-private/.  Like Ceetron Cloud, but on prem.
  • New standard data processor agreement: This applies to European universities having to comply with GDPR.  To the extent that Ceetron is data processor and your university is data controller, there is a need for a data processor agreement.  New standard text for this will shortly be available on https://ceetron.wpengine.com/academic-program/.

That said, the core offerings in this program, at least for most mechanical engineering departments, remain Ceetron Analyzer, our full-featured cross-solver post-processor for FEA and CFD data, and Ceetron Cloud for storing, viewing and sharing CAE models.

General information about the program can be found here: https://ceetron.wpengine.com/academic-program/.  On this page you can also register your university department for the program.

Of course, if you are an individual student attending a reputable university or college, you can enroll in this academic program as yourself.  You will be given a promocode that will give you 90% discount on our academic software.  You apply same place: https://ceetron.wpengine.com/academic-program/.

Head S&M in Ceetron