(26.05.19) NAFEMS World Congress 2019 in Quebec on June 17-20 will be my third world congress, after having attended WC 2015 in San Diego and WC 2017 in Stockholm.  I am starting to feel like a regular, though it is fair to say that I am a newbie at NAFEMS compared with some of the veterans from the CAE industry.

That said, my prediction is that the whole simulation industry in 2019 will be in flux: going from the confined world of simulation pros with typically a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering or applied math and working design-phase, to a world in which simulation is pervasive: across life cycle, across industries, and across value chains.  Read: simulation in medtech, 3D printing / additive manufacturing, simulation for MRO, digital twins.  Of course these are buzzwords that have been around for years, but 2019 will in my opinion be the year of moving  from buzzword stage to the ‘slope of enlightenment’ (in the parlance of Gartner’s hype cycle) for quite a few of these technologies.  I am definitely looking forward to see how NAFEMS will adapt to this new world, to stay relevant as a recognized industry meeting place and repository of best practices in CFD, FEA and FSI.  For CAE veterans, but also for people from outside the traditional confines of CAE.

Ceetron at NAFEMS

At Ceetron, we are busy preparing for the event.  My colleague Dr. Andreas Rodriguez-Villa has had his paper on “Going From Collaboration + CAE to True Collaborative CAE: Cloud / Web and VR as Enabling Technologies” accepted for presentation.  Besides, our friends from our marketing agency in Sophia Antipolis, France are struggling with all the logistics: screens, booth, files for graphics, and videos.  On a personal note, Andres and I are looking forward to a very interesting week in Quebec, la Vieille Capitale, but also known as la Belle Ville, and la Ville Exceptionnelle.  Moreover, we are looking forward to the presentations of an outstanding list of key note speakers: Heinz Stoewer, Vicky Pope, Christian Brix Jacobsen, Olivier Colmard, and Martin Eriksson.

We will have a booth there, E 14.  We are hoping to bring with us a number of new products and technologies, directly from the works, including a system for full collaborative VR.  As you know, Andres will be presenting his paper. If you want to have a chat with him regarding his presentation and how it may apply to key engineering workflows in your organization or as a basis for building fabulous end user apps, just come by our booth.

To all our friends in the CAE community: I hope to see you in Quebec, remember booth E 14.  Do not hesitate to contact me on grim.gjonnes@ceetron.com if you want to schedule an appointment while at NAFEMS.

Thanks by the way to Albert Roger Oswald, NAFEMS World Congress Manager, and his colleagues in NAFEMS from us Ceetron folks for organizing this year’s NAFEMS World Congress.


Head Sales & Marketing