“Wow, this is sooo cool! “ … “Awesome!” … “Absolutely love it!”

(15.01.21) Tønsberg, Norway This is the usual response we get when we demo VR in the CAE space. For a brief moment the serious, stiff, smart-dressed, important-looking businessman/woman forgets all about the real world and turns into a giggling kid playing with a new toy. Then all of a sudden, realizes the out-of-business character, [...]

Insight: Trip report from MS mixed reality dev days in Redmond on May 2-3, and reflections on the usefulness of HoloLens in CAE

(08.05.19) My colleague Frode Brandt just came back from Redmond after having attended Microsoft mixed reality dev days on May 2-3.  He was brimming with enthusiasm for the device, being Ceetron's key guy in the areas virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.  The same enthusiasm for HoloLens has been repeatedly expressed by some [...]

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