Product for CAE developers

Ceetron Desktop Components.

Software development kit that provides 3D visualization to CAE desktop applications.

For 20 years, Ceetron Desktop Components (CDC) has been the visualization workhorse of top-tier FEA and CFD desktop offerings. It has accumulated a broad market-driven feature set along the way. Release after release, CDC has become the robust and efficient high-end visualization SDK acclaimed by CAE developers worldwide.

CDC is now a part of Tech Soft 3D’s CEETRON Envision offering. Learn more about CEETRON Envision as well as full CEETRON suite of SDKs for CAE at Tech Soft 3D.

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ceetron Desktop component

Desktop developers use CDC to visualize and interact with CAE models

CDC data handling and state-of-the-art OpenGL rendering are fine-tuned for CAE models

Onboarding CDC avoids a costly reinvention of the wheel

Functional overview

100% developer-friendly

Developers appreciate CDC’s lean and modern API, not to mention the huge head start they get when we provide the source code of Ceetron Analyzer. It’s not hard to understand why they acclaim our support team. We will be there with a smile to give them a leg up before, during and after integration of our code.

An off-the-shelf cross-solver environment

With the its import add-on, CDC supports 15+ industry-standard file formats, paving the way to the development of true cross-solver CAE applications. Whether you develop your own solver or are setting up an integrated CAE workflow, dealing seamlessly with models from different simulation packages enables new features and enhances the efficiency of your solution.

Instant Python API : your users will love it

CDC has been wrapped in Python to provide an “engineer-friendly” API than can be effortlessly integrated in your CAE application. Your customers will be able to customize behavior, automate recurring procedures and add their own specific results with a few lines of their most popular programming language.

It’s a free world of CAE model sharing for your customers

Beyond boasting market-leading CAE visualization, building applications with CDC also opens your users to a wide range of free-to-use, free-to-distribute interactive 3D viewers: desktop, VR, browser-based and MS office plugin. You add instant value to your offering at no extra charge.

Other benefits

Ceetron Desktop Components is structured into a set of components that enables a software engineer to develop modular and well structured code.

Furthermore, Desktop Components is extendable. By design, software engineers can develop custom components which will integrate seamlessly with the system.

Finally, Desktop Components adapts to all standard GUI development environments. It has no strong links with one given UI toolkit, allowing to develop applications with a wide variety of them: Qt, wxWidgets, and .NET, and is also provided on all major operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Ceetron Desktop Components comes with the following components:

  • Core Component
  • Visualization Component
  • Geometry Component
  • UnstructGrid Component
  • Import Component (sold as add-on)
  • Export Component
  • Report Component (sold as add-on)
  • UI Toolkit