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Ceetron 3D Components

The 3D Components SDK is a development toolkit for 3D graphics. It has been optimized for FEA and CFD models and results, and aims at software developers within CAE, science and engineering.

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Ceetron Import

Ceetron Import Component is an add-on to Ceetron 3D Components offering a high-level data interface to major CAE software tools on the market. Models and results from commercial CAE simulators can be imported into your visualization environment for comparison or as a basis for further computation.

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Ceetron Export

Ceetron Export is a standalone software development kit for the easy export of CAE models and results to VTFx files, providing a short route to 3D visualization, post-processing and sharing of virtually any CAE data. The compact and efficient VTFx file format is supported by all Ceetron products, including Ceetron 3D Viewer, Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office and Ceetron Cloud.

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3D Viewer

Ceetron 3D Viewer is a free, stand-alone interactive 3D viewer for presentation and distribution of 3D models and results from FEA or CFD analyses.

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3D Plugin for MS Office

Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office is a free viewing component for interactive integration of 3D FEA or CFD models in MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents.

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GLview Inova

GLview Inova is a powerful post-processor with advanced functionality for visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of FEA and CFD data.

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One-click-sharing for CAE, explained

One-click-sharing is Ceetron's concept for viewing, sharing and collaborating on CAE models in the cloud, across organizational boundaries, on any device, and no installation / plug-in. Just like sending a Dropbox URL, but for CAE professionals.

Join Dr. Andres Rodriguez-Villa from Ceetron in a demo of the concept using Transvalor's Forge NxT product:
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