Medical technology.

3D visualization software for the medical industry

3D printing of personalized protheses or dental implants.  Structural analysis of stents.  Full cardiac simulations.  Digital twins in healthcare.  Integration of CT or MRI scans with simulations models.  Accurate visual navigation for lung biopsy in the outer airways.  VR and AR for the medical profession.  The simulation engineer as part of the surgical team?

These are some of the areas where the medtech community have started to borrow technologies from the field of CAE (FEA, CFD, and FSI).  They also represent new 3D visualization challenges for the CAE community, due to the specifics of the human body and the needs and practices of the medical profession.

Ceetron has 20 years of experience in 3D visualization for CFD and FEA.  We have also developed a stable VR offering for the CAE community.  We are currently leveraging this experience in the medical area.  Right now, we are busy heading the Mariana project, a major R&D endeavor targeting smart lung catheter navigation and done together with leading European universities, R&D organizations, and industrial entities.


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