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You may be an enthusiastic user of ANSYS, Abaqus, I-DEAS, MSC.Nastran, or any other industry-leading FEA or CFD modelling tool. You may have hundreds or thousands of CAE models locked into proprietary formats. You may want to share your models with colleagues without access to the same tools.

You may be lucky, and use a tool that supports export to VTFx and storage in the public or a private cloud.

For the rest, Ceetron has created Ceetron Analyzer Desktop, a full-featured post-processor that allows import for most industry-standard CAE tools and export, via a simple send-to-cloud button, to the cloud. Your engineering peers, whether inside or outside own organization, can then view your models either in a free viewer from Ceetron, or in their preferred browser, no license, no plug-in, no installation.

We describe Analyzer Desktop as creating a robust bridge between the world of proprietary CAE formats, and a world of cloud and an open and super-efficient file format.


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