Keeping your CAE models in a safe place

Whether you are an automotive manufacturer designing a new super-cool high-performance premium car model, an engineering specialist consultancy with a need to protect confidentiality of client material, or a software provider in SPDM space with a business imperative of guaranteeing the security of your cloud solutions to your blue chip aerospace clients, you want peace of mind. Ceetron cloud-based technology. Secure architecture, across devices and organizational boundaries. Guaranteed.

Built on secure technology.

Ceetron Cloud is built on AWS (Amazon Web Services).  We assess that AWS is seen as reasonably secure in the CAE community: Major CAE vendors such as Ansys, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes Simulia all use AWS for their commercial cloud offerings. Newcomers such as Onshape, SimSolid and FIDESYS also rely on AWS for their cloud offerings.

We use standard user authentication components based on node.js and Passport. We also use SSL (https) with an EV Certificate with Extended Validation. To obtain security validation, we use several online third-party scanners to check for vulnerabilities.

Four levels of access, from 100% public to 100% private.

Ceetron Cloud can accommodate four standard levels of security:

  • Public. Public models can be and found through browsing or searching on Ceetron cloud, and can be seen by everyone.
  • Shareable. Shareable models can be seen only by those who have the required link. The security is good, as the link is a GUID (base64 encoded) that is virtually impossible to guess. User must remember, however, that anyone intercepting the email/chat carrying the link can then look at the model.
  • Team. Users on Ceetron Cloud can create a Team. All Team members must be logged in and authenticated by Ceetron Cloud, and only members of that Team can look at the model. Someone who has the right link, but who is not logged in and authenticated, cannot see the model.
  • Private. Only the owner of the model can look at the model. This is ensured by requiring the user to be logged in and authenticated by Ceetron Cloud before viewing the model. Again, having the right link is not enough.

Beyond public cloud: private cloud.

Smaller companies who just want a quick and easy way of enabling sharing in their applications should in most cases be happy with Ceetron Cloud. Other customers, say OEMs or large end users, may for various reasons require:

  • Branded “Ceetron cloud”. A branded/skinned version of Ceetron Cloud running on a cloud provider of choice (AWS/Azure/IBM/internal data center/etc.). Some customers might want to set this up on an Intranet to provide even stronger security, requiring a VPN connection or similar.
  • A custom sharing portal. This is integration of web-based visualization and progressive 3D object streaming of CAE data into an existing cloud portal. Many customers already have a portal for customer interaction (support/software download/etc.). In this scenario, the customer would take care of all aspects of security.

On a personal level: protect you account.

It goes without saying: Security depends on individuals as well as on a solid security architecture.  Which means strong and unique passwords, monitoring of account activity, and organizational discipline when sharing CAE models through links.

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