Product for CAE engineers

Ceetron Cloud .

Free CAE web portal for remote and interactive sharing of VTFx analysis models.

If you visit Ceetron Cloud , you will be glad to learn that subscription is free. You have 2Gb of storage to upload VTFx analysis models generated by a Ceetron product. Any time during a post-processing session the view content can be sent to Ceetron Cloud, preserving the 3D and interactive nature of CAE data. Models become easily shareable through their URL  – like DropBox – or even a QR code for the wow effect on mobile phones.

Models can also be embedded on web sites like this – giving a more than cutting edge to your CAE communication on the Web.

It’s the perfect place to try out of Ceetron’s unique remote CAE sharing technology. If you are concerned by security, there is Ceetron Cloud Private. And if you want a custom portal, why not build one with Ceetron Cloud Components ?

Create your account today, pick up a trial of Analyzer Desktop and see where the experiment takes you. Beware: some CAE workflow brainstorming may occur.

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ceetron cloud for 3D visualization

Ceetron Cloud is a portal hosted on Azure. The same application can also be delivered branded to be installed and managed by end-users concerned by the security stack: see Ceetron Cloud Private

Share with your CAE peers, just like Dropbox

Whether you ‘Send to Cloud’ from Ceetron-enabled product, use the Python API of Ceetron Desktop Components or directly upload a VTFx analysis model file on, at the end of the day the model’s URL is all you need to share. It’s as simple as Dropbox, but for CAE professionals.

Store your engineering models in the cloud, fully secure

Create your own account with 2GB storage, for free and start storing your models. Share them or embed them on a web page, that’s up to you.


View your 3D models in your preferred browser

You can then view your 3D models in your preferred browser, no installation required, no plugin, only premium performance.

Courtesy of Transvalor, we have created a demo that allows you to test the process.  Just click on the button below, view model in your browser, do a copy and paste of the URL and send URL to your colleague.

Cloud 3D Gallery

Novel stateless server for scalable streaming of CAE data

Ceetron Cloud 2.0 uses a new, stateless server for streaming CAE data with full element and result information. The load on the server is not related to the model size, and the model starts streaming immediately, even for huge (>50M cells) models. The stateless server is ideal for scaling into multiple availability zones and is extremely cost efficient compared to competing solutions. It enables streaming of all kinds of CAE data and allows the user to query the model for result, element types, etc.

The Constant Remote Model (the component backing this technology) is available for developers as a part of Ceetron Cloud Components (C3), and can be integrated into existing web based workflows and portals.


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