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Ceetron Cloud Private.

3D visualization, sharing and collaboration in the cloud, for CAE professionals

Like Ceetron Cloud, but want private cloud for cost reasons or security reasons? Ceetron Cloud Private is same as Ceetron Cloud, but without cloud infrastructure, user management / authentication, and security stack.

The Ceetron Cloud Private license comes in two flavors, in-house (including distribution to vendors, consultants, and clients and customers for which the cloud offering is secondary to one’s core offering), and for redistribution / repackaging (to end users for whom the cloud offering is a stand-alone offering). Licensing for in-house use is per server.  Licensing for redistribution / repackaging is per server + distribution fee.  The technical solutions are identical.  Please make sure you select the right license, and do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

The annual fee for Ceetron Cloud Private includes configuration and support. Ceetron Cloud Private comes with 4 end user licenses for Ceetron Analyzer or Ceetron Analyzer Cloud.

The evaluate button below will give you access to a Docker container, including  a Docker compose file, for installation on your server.  If you just want to get a feel for what such private CAE cloud could look like, we recommend Ceetron Cloud.

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ceetron cloud private - cloud for CAE simulation

Ceetron Cloud Private can be configured to run inside your firewall, utilizing your already trusted infrastructure. The server does not need Internet access and does not communicate in any ways with Ceetron servers. It can also be configured for most public cloud infrastructures, including AWS, SAP Hana Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and bare-metal offerings.

Share with your CAE peers, just like Dropbox

Look for the ‘Send to Cloud’ button in your Ceetron product. Press button to upload your engineering model, receive link, share with your peers. It is this simple (and just like Dropbox, but for CAE professionals).

Centralize the storage of your engineering models, fully secure

You use your own hardware when running Ceetron Cloud Private. You can use existing servers and storage solution to store the data put on the sharing portal.

You can use Analyzer Cloud to edit and modify the models you have shared without going back to the source.

You can embed models stored on your Ceetron Cloud Private instance in any webpage, so that all users who have access to the server can see them.


View your 3D models in your preferred browser

You can then view your 3D models in your preferred browser, no installation required, no plugin, only premium performance.

We have created a gallery of models on Ceetron Cloud to showcase some of the visualization features that are supported. Click the button below to open the gallery and click on the thumbnails to show the various models.

Cloud 3D Gallery

Customize Ceetron Cloud Private with the visual profile of your company

Ceetron Cloud Private supports customization and skinning. You can customize the name and logo of the portal, as well as the color scheme. You can also control quotas, admin settings etc. If you need further customization, Ceetron can provide integration services to help you get the look and feel as well as any additional features that you may want.

Customize Ceetron Cloud Private

Ceetron Cloud Private includes the full feature set of Ceetron Cloud Premium, with the exception of Analyzer Cloud. A Ceetron Cloud Private licensee must separately license its employees (or customers in case of redistribution / repackaging) for Analyzer Cloud.


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