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Developer solutions for desktop and cloud

Ceetron’s CAE visualization SDKs for developers: Saving software development time, increasing software quality, and creating brilliant and scalable visualization solutions for desktop or cloud-based CAE offerings.

Over the last 20 years, Ceetron’s visualization SDKs for CAE applications have been developed with the above three objectives in mind. We started out with desktop offerings, which means that our SDKs for desktop have been battle-hardened through two decades of thorough use by expert developers at some of the world’s most demanding CAE vendors.

We were also first on the market with a WebGL-based visualization SDK for development of high-performance, cloud-based CAE apps, which means that we understand the cloud better than most.

Yes, the two spaces differ, in terms of our offerings and technology environments:

Discover our 3D visualization SDKs

ceetron cloud components for 3D visualization

Ceetron Cloud Components is a set of software components for creating cloud-based high-performance 3D visualization solutions for cloud-based solvers and CAE model repositories.

ceetron Desktop component

Ceetron Desktop Components is an SDK for the design and implementation of desktop-based 3D visualization applications for engineering simulation data.

ceetron import for CFD and FEA simulation

Ceetron Import Component is an add-on to Ceetron Desktop Components and Ceetron Cloud Components offering a high-level data interface to most major CAE software tools on the market.

ceetron export CAE models

Ceetron Export is a standalone software development kit for the easy export of CAE models and results to VTFx files, providing a short route to 3D visualization, post-processing and sharing of virtually any CAE data.

ceetron report for CFD and FEA simulation

Ceetron Report Component has been architected for enhancing FEA- and CFD-based CAE offerings with engineering report generation functionality.


Providing offerings in both spaces proves our hell-bent dedication to creating SDKs that save development time, increase software quality, and allow our customers to create high-performance and scalable 3D visualization solutions.

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You produce more, faster, better, in your preferred development environment.
Your customers get the very best, latency-free interactive visualization experience in the business, whether on the desktop or in the cloud.

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