Product for CAE engineers

Ceetron Analyzer.

Full-featured cross-solver CAE post-processor and sharing environment

Ceetron Analyzer is built on 20 years of accumulated experience in post-processing software development. Light-weight, cost effective, cloud-connected and ready for Python automation are the key words that best qualify the tool. Including readers for most industry-standard solvers (you name it, we have it), Ceetron Analyzer is the perfect tool to unify your post-processing and enhance your result sharing.

It’s sharing functionalities are modern and straight to the point: with one click, you can share a model like the one below. Your peers can view and interact with it from any browser on any device.

ceetron analyzer post-processor for FEA and CFD

Ceetron Analyzer Desktop is a desktop application available for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you need remote browser-based post-processing take a look at Ceetron Analyzer Cloud.

Built with readers for most CAE file formats

Ceetron Analyzer Desktop has direct import interfaces to most major CAE systems including, but not limited to: Abaqus, Ansys (Mechanical, Fluent, LS-Dyna, Ensight), Nastran, Altair Hyperworks, MSC Marc, Siemens Femap, CGNS, openFOAM, VTU, VTM, PVD,  PTC, Tecplot, Ideas, STL, CGEO, …

The file readers are kept up to date with new format releases from the CAE vendors. Our commitment to release frequency and competence in reader development ensure that you will, in practice, not run into lack of support for new file format versions.

Python API

Sometimes built-in functionality is not sufficient to meet your requirements. As a CAE professional, you may want to create your own functionality according to your own specifications, or to speed up or automate common tasks. Python is the de-facto industry standard scripting language and we have created a Python interface in Ceetron Analyzer Desktop with a well-defined API to support such endeavors. From adding custom results, to automating preferred post-processing configurations or implementing your know-how to enhance your experience, the Python API will respond.

Sharing, viewing and collaborating in the cloud

Ceetron Analyzer is built for today’s collaborative engineering workflows. Using the One-click sharing, you can share any model directly from Analyzer through its “Send to Cloud” button. You can share the model with your engineering peers, whether in other disciplines, other offices, external service providers, or customers. Ceetron Analyzer One-click sharing can be configured to support public or private cloud infrastructures.

Other benefits

  • Post-processing features for both structural mechanics and fluid dynamics
  • Support for very large models
  • Support for the free viewers Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office
  • Support for the powerful VTFx file format
  • Very fast graphics, utilizing state-of-the-art graphics hardware for both single state inspection and animation
  • Excellent model and results overview
  • Extensive set handling, including user defined sets
  • Interactive animations
  • Advanced feature extractions (cutting planes, isovolumes, isosurfaces, particle traces)
  • Powerful 2D Plotting
  • Model queries (picking)
  • Model annotations (result value, coordinate, text, distance and angle)
  • Powerful scripting functionality with Python
  • Support for Windows and Linux on 64-bit platforms  ​

Direct file interfaces

Direct import interfaces to major CAE software systems, including:

  • I-DEAS
  • MSC.Marc
  • MSC.Nastran
  • NE/Nastran
  • NX Nastran
  • CGNS
  • FLUENT  ​

Integration with in-house codes

Integration of Ceetron Analyzer with in-house codes can easily be done in one of two ways:Through Export to the VTF or VTFx format, as done in the following applications:

  • Alsim by IFE
  • CAEFEM by Concurrent Analysis Corporation
  • Fedem by Fedem Technology AS
  • Octopus by Amarcon BV
  • Vista by SINTEF, and
  • WindSim by WindSim AS

or by creating a direct reader in Ceetron Analyzer.

Additional options

  • Customization to meet special needs
  • Post-processing features for both structural mechanics and fluid dynamics


  • Support for multiple result databases
  • Support for geometry and results in separate files
  • Ceetron VTF format (open ASCII, open binary, encrypted binary for Ceetron 3D Viewer)
  • Ceetron VTFx format (XML, zip, encryptable, and ASCII or binary)
  • In-house formats (customized import filter required)



  • One-click-sharing with the built.-in send to cloud feature
  • Export to VTF and VTFx file format for viewing with Ceetron 3D Viewer and the Ceetron 3D Plugin.
  • Still image formats (BMP (Windows), JPG, PNG, EPS, GIF and TIFF and others).
  • Plot: Separated text files, VTF plot files


  • Powerful overview and selection of load cases and results to display.
  • Advanced result mapping and handling for efficient interpretation and analysis of results.


  • Support for multiple scalar fields.
  • Scalar results can be displayed as fringes (filled contours) and isosurfaces
  • Mapped onto cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes, particle traces or vectors
  • Result filtering
  • Predefined  color legend schemes. Each scalar field can have its own configurable scalar legend.


  • Vector fields in addition to displacements
  • Displayed as vector arrows
  • Filtering on components or absolute values.
  • Mapped onto cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes and particle traces.
  • Scaling, coloring and draw style can be manipulated
  • Clamping


  • Very fast single state inspection
  • Powerful overview and selection of load cases and results
  • Context menu in 3D window
  • Intelligent model navigation
  • Zoom, rubber band zoom and walk navigation

Operating system requirements

  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Redhat 7