Product for CAE engineers

Ceetron 3D Viewer.

Free 3D viewer for VTFx analysis models

Ceetron 3D Viewer is a free desktop interactive 3D viewer for presentation and distribution of 3D models and results from FEA or CFD analyses stored in the VTFx file format. VTFx files are produced by Ceetron applications or any other application built on Ceetron SDKs

ceetron 3d viewer for CFD and FEA simulation

Ceetron 3D Viewer is like an Adobe Acrobat Reader for CAE professionals

As soon as an analysis model is stored in the VTFx format, it is free to be shared

Presentation and distribution of 3D models and results 

Designed for use by engineers and scientists, 3D Viewer is a fine tool to freely disseminate 3D models and results produced by any VTFx-writing application.

Free sharing. A benefit for CAE developers and engineers

As a CAE developer using Ceetron SDKs, you will provide your users with a free viewer to communicate data with their peers and stakeholders. The same applies to CAE engineers using Ceetron post-processors: your customers gain immediate and free access to viewing your analysis.

Share your 3D model in the Cloud

Ceetron 3D Viewer now comes with a ‘send to cloud’ button that allows you to store 3D models in the cloud, and use the returned URL to share them. Just like Dropbox, just for CAE​ Professionals. And of course, free.

Other benefits

You need GLview Inova, Ceetron Analyzer, Ceetron Desktop Components or Ceetron Export Component in order to generate files for Ceetron 3D Viewer.

Operating system requirements:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Ubuntu 12.02
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Fully interactive 3D visualization and animation
  • High-performance graphics with OpenGL hardware
  • Animation control: play forward, play backward, step forward, step backward, stop, and pause
  • Rotation, panning, and zooming during animation
  • Setting drawing modes and visibility
  • Part-, node- and element picking on the model
  • Full screen view
  • Import and display of VTFx files generated by GLview Inova, Ceetron Analyzer, Ceetron Desktop Components-based applications or  Ceetron Export-based applications.  The VTFx format stores it all: model(s), results, animations and settings, view settings, feature extractions such as cutting planes or isosurfaces, and annotations
  • Support for multiple cases in one file, providing case names and descriptions
  • Support for password protected and encrypted VTFx files
  • Data obfuscation through support for relative result values
  • Data integrity through read-only access (for recipient) to display parameters and model parameters
  • Stand-alone application for Windows and Linux
  • Free distribution
  • ‘Send to cloud’ button for storing your model in the cloud, free of charge, and sharing the resulting URL with your team mates