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Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office.

Interactive integration of 3D models in Ms Powerpoint & Word

Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office is a free viewing component for interactive integration of 3D FEA or CFD models in MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents.

Working with VTF or VTFx files generated by GLview Inova or one of the many OEM simulator user interfaces built with Ceetron 3D Components or on top of Ceetron Export Component, our 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office gives you the ability to interact fully with professional, high-performance 3D graphics. The data set contains the 3D model, and supports the display of scalar and/or vector results, animations, feature extractions (isosurfaces, isovolumes, cut planes, particle traces), annotations, and more.

ceetron 3D plugin for microsoft office

Ceetron 3D Plugin for Microsoft Office gives you a way to present high-end FEA/CFD analysis models—and their visualizations— in MS PowerPoint presentations and MS Word documents.

Easily present, document, distribute and collaborate

on just the visualizations of very large computations. You avoid all installation, bandwidth, and learning costs with this very simple and elegant tool.


With our 3D Plugin for MS Office, big projects become powerful tools for presenting, documenting, and distributing results to colleagues, management, and clients. It also allows rapid creation of high-performance and interactive business development tools for marketing, letting prospects know precisely what kind of work you can do.


Ceetron MS Office Plugin supports password-protected and encrypted VTFx files.

Other benefit

The Ceetron 3D Plugin is an ActiveX component, and can be used in MS PowerPoint and MS Word.
Operating system requirements:
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 32bit and 64bit (Intel)
  • Fully interactive 3D visualization and animation
  • High-performance graphics with OpenGL hardware
  • Animation control: play forward, play backward, step forward, step backward, stop, and pause
  • Rotation, panning, and zooming during animation
  • Import and display of VTF and VTFx files generated by GLview Inova or Ceetron Export. The files contain models and support results, animations and animation settings, view settings, feature extractions (cut planes, isovolumes, isosurfaces and particle traces) and annotations
  • Support for multiple cases in one file, providing case names and descriptions
  • Support for password protected and encrypted VTFx files
  • Data obfuscation through support for relative result values
  • Data integrity through read-only access (for recipient) to display parameters and model parameters
  • Use with MS PowerPoint and MS Word
  • Free distribution