Software solutions for CAE professionals

Desktop and web applications to analyze and share industry-standard CAE models.

Developed on Ceetron’s market-proven SDKs, our toolbox of CAE applications is the perfect choice for analyzing CAE results and deploying CAE remote sharing portals in a multi-solver and distributed engineering environment.

Feel free to pick and choose individual applications for specific needs. If you are a CAE workflow builder, you may wish to contact us to see how products mix together to achieve customized processes.

Cherry on the cake: by using Ceetron CAE applications, you unlock a complete set of free-to-use, free-to-distribute sharing tools.

Discover our applications for CAE professionals

A complete set of all Ceetron’s CAE visualization technology to build interactive and visual CAE engineering workflows


Ceetron Analyzer Desktop is a full-featured desktop post-processor for most industry-standard CAE file formats. It includes a Python API for automation and customization and proposes advanced cloud-based sharing.

ceetron analyzer cloud post-processor for FEA and CFD

Ceetron Analyzer Cloud is a full-featured remote post-processor for most industry-standard CAE file formats. It’s WebGL technology ensures security, comfort, visual quality and significant server cost reduction.

ceetron cloud private - cloud for CAE simulation

Ceetron Cloud Private is an on-premises portal for remote sharing of interactive 3D CAE analysis models. The web application is a private branded version of Ceetron Cloud.


CAE2VTFx is a command line application for automated conversion of CAE results to “database” VTFx files.  Database VTFx files contain all the information of the original files, in a uniform format with efficient I/O and storage.


Ceetron’s sharing and publishing tools require the industry-standard VTFx file format to store analysis models, i.e. snapshots of a post-processing session. They are free to use and free to distribute for use with VTFx-enabled applications.


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