6 000  Excl. VAT
    Conversion of CAE result files to industry standard VTFx CAE2VTFx is a command line application for batch-oriented conversion of large volumes of result files to VTFx, in high-throughput and automated simulations workflows. CAE2VTFx is provided for free to SDK licensees already licensed for both Import and Export options.
  • CEETRON GLview Inova

    From: 2 200  Excl. VAT / year
    GLview Inova is a feature-rich, cross-solver post-processor with advanced functionality for visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of FEA and CFD data. GLview Inova runs on almost any hardware, ranging from laptops and desktop computers to high-end workstations, on both Linux and Windows. It supports a number of typical workflows in engineering organizations with heavy use of CFD and / or FEA software tools: visualization and post-processing, verification and inspection, interactive animation and presentation, and import/export from/to commercial CAE applications.
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