Product for CAE developers

Ceetron Data Provider Framework.

Free header-only SDK used to create plugins that provide CAE data

The framework is used to implement data provider plugins that feed CAE data to Ceetron SDKs and applications. It works both for file-based data providers (a.k.a. readers) and in-memory ones for real-time data synchronization.


Plugins are dynamic and reusable throughout applications, ensuring efficient extensibility and customization


A plugin written for cloud (using Cloud Components) can also be used for desktop (using Desktop Components) and vice versa. Support for the framework in our  end-user products means for example that you can create a real-time feed for Ceetron Analyzer Desktop to ensure support for your custom CAE format. The framework is delivered as a C++ interface library. Plugins can be compiled on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Polished for CAE

The Data Provider Framework has been developed in cooperation with a top-tier player in CAE space, which means that it has from the outset been architected to scale from the smallest in-house niche solver app to massive solver offerings from major players in CAE space.


The Data Provider Framework is made available for free. Bring in your code and plug your files into Ceetron’s ecosystem.