Product for CAE developers

Ceetron Import.

Software development kit that reads and queries data from industry-standard CAE file formats

Ceetron Import is an add-on SDK to Ceetron Desktop Components and Ceetron Cloud Components.

It empowers Ceetron SDK-built applications with a wide variety of readers for both commercial and open source file formats:  Abaqus, Ansys (Mechanical, Fluent, LS-Dyna, Ensight), Nastran, Altair Hyperworks, MSC Marc, Siemens Femap, CGNS, openFOAM, VTU, VTM, PVD,  PTC, Tecplot, Ideas, STL, CGEO, … Contact us if your preferred format is not supported.

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ceetron import for CFD and FEA simulation

Developers create cross-solver CAE applications and workflows with Ceetron Import

Efficient development through uniformity

Ceetron Import imposes uniformity: your application will read and query standard FEA and CFD files all in the same way. Developers will appreciate getting rid of specific code to handle each format and see how the data just flows into the data structures of our visualization and data processing SDKs for cloud and desktop.

Visualize any models in the same application

Import’s uniform data model makes it simple to bring models from different solvers into your Ceetron applications. You can seamlessly provide a side-by-side multi-view cross-solver environment or even create single views that display different models.

Cut updating trouble and cost

Writing code to import data from proprietary formats is a great way to waste time, and keeping up with the version changes or complete revamps is even worse. Ceetron Import takes away all that hassle, letting developers focus on the needs of their core market.

Other benefits

(*) : Extra license required. Contact for more info.