Product for CAE developers

Ceetron Export SDK.

Software development kit to export CAE models to VTFx files

Producing VTFx files is the key to open the door of a versatile ecosystem of free viewers: browser-based, virtual reality, MS office integration.

VTFx-enabled applications add instant value for their users.

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ceetron export CAE models

Developers use Ceetron Export SDK to quickly offer free desktop and cloud viewers to their customers.

Free Collaboration

Ceetron Export SDK instantly opens the door to efficient and free collaboration. Your users will communicate models and results to peers with of our free visualization offers , including a unique cloud-based sharing portal.

Efficient data extraction and storage for CAE

Ceetron Export SDK can extract selected parts and simulation results from a model and store them in a VTFx file. The format is built for lean storage and quick I/O.

An “Acrobat” for FEA/CFD

Export can extract parts and simulation results from a model, and store them in one protected VTFx file.  The size of such file is usually a fraction of the size of the original database.

Other benefits