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GLview Inova

GLview Inova is a powerful post-processor with advanced functionality for visualization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of FEA and CFD data.

GLview Inova runs on almost any hardware, ranging from laptops and desktop computers to high-end workstations, on both Linux and Windows. It supports a number of typical workflows in engineering organizations with heavy use of CFD and / or FEA software tools:

Visualization and post-processing

GLview Inova has been developed to support visualization of dynamic/transient results. The program can run time/frequency domain and mode shape animations. You can load a results database containing one or multiple parts, and any number of scalar, vector and symmetric tensor results. With the results database loaded, you can rotate, zoom, and translate the geometry interactively. Image plots of the graphics scene or 2D plots can be stored to various standard formats.

Verification and result inspection

By using the “Model Information” Window and other available dialogues, you can investigate your results by using the mouse, picking  on the model and verifying the output values. With the powerful animation capabilities, it is easy to perform an initial check to verify that the results look sensible and meet your expectations.

Interactive animation and presentation

If an animation has been loaded, the user can change display attributes, rotate, and zoom the model while the animation is running. GLview Inova utilizes OpenGL and offers high performance graphics, especially if an OpenGL hardware accelerator is present. GLview Inova is ideal for performing customer and client presentations, either "live" on site or by generating MPEG, AVI, Animated GIF sequences, or HTML pages with the Ceetron 3D Plugin included.

Furthermore, by exporting the current scene displayed by GLView Inova to the compact and flexible VTFx file format, your findings may be distributed along with the free viewer companions Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin. This enables the recipient to run interactive animations on his or her computer, without having GLview Inova installed (the concept is similar to the Adobe Reader(tm ® maybe) philosophy). This functionality also makes it possible to run full 3D visualization in a PowerPoint presentation, or in a web browser.

Interfacing with commercial CAE applications

GLview Inova has direct import Interfaces to most major CAE systems including, but not limited to: ANSYS, ABAQUS, FEMAP, I-DEAS, MSC.Marc, MSC.Nastran, NE/Nastran, NX Nastran, LS-DYNA, RADIOSS, PAMCRASH, FLUENT and CGNS.

Multi-platform environment

GLview Inova is available on Windows and Linux platforms. GLview Inova can read result databases generated on Windows or Linux machines, regardless of which platform it runs on.


GLview Inova is a fully featured post-processor and can be used as is. If, however, you require additional features or would like to adapt the GUI to your existing applications’ look and feel, this can be performed on request.

Send to cloud

Best of all, GLview Inova now comes with a 'send to cloud' button that allows you to store VTFx files in the cloud, and use the returned URL to share the file with your engineering peers.  Just like Dropbox, only for CAE​ Professionals.  And of course free.

GLview Inova