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Functional overview

  • Fully interactive 3D visualization and animation

  • High-performance graphics with OpenGL hardware

  • Animation control: play forward, play backward, step forward, step backward, stop, and pause

  • Rotation, panning, and zooming during animation

  • Setting drawing modes and visibility

  • Part-, node- and element picking on the model

  • Full screen view

  • Import and display of VTFx files generated by GLview Inova, Ceetron 3D Components-based applications or  Ceetron Export-based applications The VTFx format stores it all: model(s), results, animations and settings, view settings, feature extractions such as cutplanes or isosurfaces, and annotations

  • Support for multiple cases in one file, providing case names and descriptions

  • Support for password protected and encrypted VTFx files

  • Data obfuscation through support for relative result values

  • Data integrity through read-only access (for recipient) to display parameters and model parameters

  • Stand-alone application for Windows, Linux and Unix

  • Free distribution

  • 'Send to cloud' button for storing your model in the cloud, free of charge, and sharing the resulting URL with your team mates