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Release: Ceetron releases GLview Inova 10.0 with send to cloud feature

Published by Grim Gjønnes

(01.12.2015) Ceetron released today GLview Inova 10.0.  GLview Inova is a full-featured post-processor that would work with mostly any CAE model created in mostly any industry-standard FEA or CFD solver package, or solver-based simulation tool.

The 10.0 release includes a number of new features, improvements, and bug fixes including, but not limited to:

  • Updated third-party file readers with new features and bug fixes, which includes:
  • Support for ANSYS 17
  • Support for ABAQUS 6.14 in the Windows version
  • Upload of models to Ceetron Cloud*
  • Rubberband selection of parts
  • RedHat version built with RedHat 6.6
  • Improved support for global custom tools
  • Improved support for annotated contour lines
  • Improved support for isovolumes 

*) GLview Inova 10.0 includes specifically a ‘send to cloud’ feature, which enables a user to convert a CAE model to VTFx format, upload his / her model to the cloud (whether Ceetron cloud or a private cloud), and share this model with her or his peers inside or outside own organizations through a URL, in a web browser, fully secure, and in a Dropbox-like manner.

For release notes, see https://ceetron.com/end-user-zone/products-2/glview-inova/release-notes-glview-inova.

The new version of GLview Inova can be downloaded from our download page https://ceetron.com/end-user-zone/downloads.

We encourage our customers and evaluators to always stay on latest version of the software. In case you are a current evaluator of GLview Inova, or if your eval key has expired, feel free to go to the download page and request a new eval key, by clicking on ‘request evaluation key’.