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The VTFx data exchange format

Think pdf, but for CAE professionals.  Then you understand VTFx.
There are some well-known CAD / CAE data exchange formats out there, including 3D XML, JT Open, and 3D PDF.  Some are open, some less so.

While most of them ar good for CAD and can be used to store CAE data (typically from FEA or CFD), they are not optimized for CAE, especially not for time-dependent data and CAE-specific element types.

Based on this insight, Ceetron developed in 2006-2007 VTFx.  It is today used by tens of thousands of CAE professionals on a regular basis, and supported by major CAE vendors like Autodesk, Transvalor, and DNV GL.

Its specification can be found here.

If you are a CAE tool provider, you can VTFx-enable your CAE tool with Ceetron Export.

It is a matter of performance and collaboration (and free viewing, 'free' like in free beer).

A previous version of the VTFx, denoted VTF, is described in the following documents:

URL: /media/products/express-writer/vtf-glview7-reference-guide.pdf

URL: /media/products/express-writer/vtf-glview7-binary-format.pdf

VTF ASCII may be good for development and debugging purposes, but not for production or large amount of data.