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Detailed benefits, 3DC

  • Learnability: 3D Components is delivered as a binary distribution. It comes with extensive online help and full documentation of its functionality and programming interface. A clear set of tutorials is also provided, illustrating “sample code” for specific use cases. And finally, it contains a complete demo application—including source code—that you can use to start the development process far ahead of square one.

  • Output: 3DC increases productivity by simply eliminating a large amount of the work needed to build visualization engines. The tools delivered with the platform, including ready-built interfaces that integrate with major GUI frameworks, let you focus on the tasks where your worth is actually measured.

  • Sharing: 3DC lets you build visualization applications that either stand alone, or are fully integrated with the simulation processors that need them. By using Ceetron 3D Components, you can add premium result presentation to your simulation environment. With the free viewers included in 3DC (Ceetron 3D Viewer and Ceetron 3D Plugin) and with Ceetron Cloud, you can easily share 3D engineering information everywhere with colleagues, partners and customers.

  • Mainstream platform support: 3DC supports Windows (32 and 64 bit), Linux (64 bit), and Mac OSX. 3DC is delivered with platform integration support and examples for: .NET (C#), Qt, wxWidgets, MFC and native Win32. The software can be used with both C++ and .NET languages (e.g., C#).

  • Very-large-model capability: 3DC is built to handle models in an industry that definitely believes More Is Better. Today it easily handles models with tens of millions finite elements and millions of parts.  The shader-based graphics provide maximum rendering performance.

  • Optimized extraction algorithms: The result extraction algorithms that provide features such as cutplanes, isosurfaces and isovolumes are optimized to work with the 3DC’s data models. Adding on to a meticulous algorithmic design, result extraction is boosted by parallel computation enabled through multi-core support.

  • Model flexibility: Models and results from industry standard CAE applications (e.g., ABAQUS, Ansys), can easily be loaded into the 3DC data model using the Ceetron Import Component.

  • Export to VTFx: 3DC allows easy export of results to the VTFx file format. Using VTFx to convey results, lets you use our free 3D viewers for Windows, Mac, iOS/Android, and the 3D Plugin for MS Office. Furthermore, the same format gives you instant access to the Ceetron Cloud.


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