CEETRON Import In-house

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Ceetron Import Component is an add-on to Ceetron Desktop Components / Cloud Components offering a high-level data interface to major CAE software tools on the market. Models and results from commercial CAE simulators can be imported into your visualization environment for comparison or as a basis for further computation.

The major benefit of Ceetron Import is its uniformity: standard FEA and CFD formats are imported into your application all in the same way – no need for specific source code to handle each format. Indeed, Ceetron Import has a uniform data model, designed from the start to work with the UnstructGrid and Geometry components provided in Desktop Components / Cloud Components.


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  • Supported file readers:
    • ABAQUS
    • ANSYS
    • CGNS data base
    • FEMAP
    • FLUENT
    • IDEAS NX Series
    • LS-DYNA
    • MARC
    • OpenFOAM
    • PTC
    • VTU
    • STEP
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